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Product care how best to wash and care for your VikingKids products
- waterproof material used in our rain clothes from Didriksons
Polartec® - the fabric used in our high quality fleece jackets, overalls and vests
Sympatex® - waterproof and windproof material used in our all-weather clothing from Nanook
Cotton and other materials used in our children's clothes from Moonkids Wear, Juliet and Mocklis

At VikingKids, we take pride in only including clothes made from good quality materials in our range. We want children to be at least as well equipped for indoor and outdoor activities as their parents. In fact, since children love playing outdoors whatever the weather, they deserve the best all-weather protection possible!

We also want the clothes to be easy-care for busy parents (like ourselves!), as well as robust and long-lasting. Wherever possible, we look for clothes that will grow with the child, ideally giving more than one season's wear, to make it worthwhile for parents to invest in quality clothes for their children.

Product care

Please always refer to the care instructions on the labels inside the clothes.

All our clothes are washable at 40C. However, for our waterproof and all-weather outdoor clothing, wiping with a damp cloth is usually enough. Avoid using fabric conditioners, chemical stain removers and biological washing detergents on waterproof clothing.


Didriksons have developed a soft, flexible and completely waterproof two-layer laminate, consisting of an outer layer in 100% PU (polyurethane) over an inner layer in PES (polyester). The material has been shown in independent tests to withstand water pressure up to a hydrostatic head of 5,000 mm. For the less technical amongst us, this corresponds to 4 times the level required for this type of clothing (by British Standard BS3424), and is much more than the level of protection offered by most similar products on the market.

Didriksons rain clothes can be washed at 40C, and drip dried. Please be aware that repeated washing can reduce the waterproof and breathable properties of coated garments, although the jackets and dungarees in our range are made of materials that keep their functionality much longer than most other products available on the market.

Sympatex® Allweather®

Our shell jackets, dungarees and sou'westers from Nanook are made using a 2-layer laminate membrane from Sympatex Technology. The membrane is made of 100% polyether esther, one of the easiest synthetic materials to recycle. The Sympatex poreless, hydrophilic membrane system is 100% waterproof, 100% windproof and offers optimum breathability.

With German precision, Sympatex have actually shown that their 2-layer membrane will withstand water pressure up to a hydrostatic head of no less than 100,000 mm - 80 times the British Standard (BS3424) level for waterproof clothing! What's more, the material remains completely waterproof even after washing or dry-cleaning.

What this means from a practical point of view is that you can wash your child's clothes at 40C as often as you wish. The waterproof inner membrane will maintain its properties even after gentle tumble drying and ironing on low heat. However, in order to ensure that the outer fabric (100% polyamide, or PA) remains fully breathable (does not get clogged by detergent residue particles), re-impregnating is recommended after every several washes.

Finally, all Sympatex membranes have been awarded the Oeko-tex 100 certificate: the products have been shown to be skin-friendly, anti-allergenic and suitable for use in baby products.

Polartec® Classic 100® and Polartec® Thermal Pro®Fleece

Polartec invented fleece in the 1980s, thereby revolutionising the market for thermal insulation clothing. These fleece fabrics provide outstanding warmth in lightweight and durable materials. They offer excellent breathability and dry quickly after washing. They are made from 100% polyester - a hypoallergenic material that doesn't break down in appearance or absorb moisture or odours. The surface of the thicker Thermal Pro fleece has been treated to be both water repellent and especially hard-wearing.

All our fleece clothing can be washed at 40C, and dries very quickly. We recommend hanging up to dry.

Pure cotton and other quality materials for indoor and summer clothing

Our indoor/summer children's clothes are made from soft, comfortable and durable materials. Clothes in ribbed cotton and terry cloth will stretch and grow with the child. The majority of our range is made from 100% cotton, or a soft blend of cotton and polyester.

All items can be washed at 40C. We recommend hanging up to dry.

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